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handmade, handcrafted ceramic tile
Handcrafted and handmade tropical fish tiles for your bathroom backsplash or shower/tub surround.

Starfish tile
4 x 4 fish tiles – $32

Crab tile
Turtle tile

Fish tile
Starfish tile

Bathroom backsplash fish mural

Shell tileShell tile
Snail tileSnail tile
2 x 2 tiles – $12

Fish tile
Sea liner 1
Fish tile
Sea liner 2
Sea liner
Sea liner 3
6.25 x 2.75 liners
"When we first saw Margaret's Designs, 'Seascapes', we thought how perfect they would go with the dream bathroom we
were planning. Now that our remodeling is completed, we can't help just standing back and admiring the fish, sea turtle, starfish and crab that surround our shower and sink. The space seems alive."

Stephanie and Don Sager
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