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handmade, handcrafted ceramic tile

Ceramic tile murals maybe your answer for something unusual, if you are building or remodeling a
home or business. These handpainted custom tile murals are just a few of the many I have.
If you appreciate my style but want something to express your own personal taste, call me
to discuss design ideas for your space, large or small.


Rabbit tile mural
Rabbit tile mural

Fox tile mural
Fox tile mural

Pear tile mural
Pear tile mural Cowboy tile mural
Cowboy's dream
Hen house
City dog

Wildlife deer mural

trout mural
Jumping trout mural

Doe and fawn tile mural
Wildlife doe and fawns mural

Egret mural
Custom Egret mural

Canoe tilke mural
Custom ceramic tile retail mural - logo

Cow tile mural

Custom kitchen backsplash cow mural

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